Bathroom Remodeling in Fort Wayne

As one of the busiest rooms in your Fort Wayne home, your bathroom is often the space that is most exposed to moisture and water. With that in mind, it stands to reason that from time to time your bathroom may need a helping hand to look its best. So, if you feel that your home’s bathroom has seen better days or if you simply want a change of look, then you need to call us at Bathroom Surface Pro LLC today.

With a wealth of experience in all aspects of bathroom remodeling, there is no job too big or task too small for our skilled and dedicated team of professionals. Contact us today to ensure that your Fort Wayne home’s bathroom remodeling needs are met comfortably. We will make sure that your expectations are not only met but also exceeded.

Be Budget Aware

At Bathroom Surface Pro LLC, we always do our utmost to make sure that all our residential clients in Fort Wayne budget properly before jumping into any bathroom renovation work. We offer a range of different renovation and remodeling options for our residential clients. This means that regardless of your budget, we can make sure that your bathroom receives the highest quality service in the quickest time possible. So, why not give us a call today and allow us to get work to do what do best. We will set up a meeting in your home and provide you with a detailed free estimate about what we can do.

Three Reasons to Invest in a Bathroom Remodeling During Winter

Yes, we know that the cold weather and gloomy days that winter brings can often mean that you are probably not very interested in doing anything other than burrowing beneath the covers and watching movies with friends or family. What might seem surprising when it comes to bathroom remodeling is that winter is one of the best times of year to get this great work done because it allows you to have your home looking its very best in time for spring and summer.

Three reasons to consider a winter bathroom remodel from us at Bathroom Surface Pro LLC include:

  • Convenient Schedule: Winter will be a convenient time for your contractor to do this remodeling work because most homeowners in Fort Wayne schedule their renovations during the sunnier seasons of spring and summer. This means that you are likely to have all the time to take advantage of our prized service.
  • Weather Conditions: Due to the challenging weather conditions during the winter, outdoor projects aren’t recommended. The fact that it is harder for contractors like us at Bathroom Surface Pro LLC to build quality decks means that we have more time to focus on interior projects, like a bathroom remodel.
  • Vacation Time: If you can schedule an interior renovation job when you and your family are out of town for the holidays, this can be a great way of killing two birds with one stone.

The Best Tiles for Your Bathroom Floor

The bathroom is unlike any other room in your house. For one, your bathroom might be the smallest room in your home. When space is that essential, it means every remodeling decision will have an impact on you and your family’s comfort.

Not only that, but every bathroom is regularly exposed to moisture and water. This means that the materials Bathroom Surface Pro LLC chooses to remodel your bathroom must be able to withstand frequent contact with water—even if your bathroom has an exceptional exhaust fan and big windows.

When you select tiles for your bathroom floor, you’re not going to be looking at the same sort of tiles that are on your porch floor or kitchen floor. You’re going to need tiles that are not slippery or porous. Kitchen tiles might have a higher resistance rating, but that isn’t enough to make them suitable for a bathroom.

What are the best tile options for your bathroom floor? Ceramic or natural stone tiles.

In terms of aesthetics, durability, and water-resistance they are without a doubt two of the best options for any person’s bathroom floor. They might be a little more expensive than vinyl tile or sheet linoleum, but they will last longer than any of the affordable, budget-friendly options. A quality ceramic tile installation can last for decades and decades.

Ceramic vs. Natural Stone Tiles

Ceramic and natural stone tiles are often lumped together because of their aesthetic similarities and durability, but they are quite different from one another. We decided to highlight some of those differences for the people of Fort Wayne.

The biggest differences between ceramic (such as glazed ceramic, unglazed ceramic and terra cotta) and natural stone (such as granite, slate, limestone, and sandstone) lie in how differently the two tiles need to be maintained.

Natural stone tiles are more vulnerable to acids. To avoid acid damage, you need to forgo the use of any acidic cleaning products when taking care of your stone tiles. Otherwise those acidic cleaning products will leave a noticeable, unattractive and permanent stain on your tiles.

What about ceramic tiles? They can handle just about any cleaning product on the market. However, you need to be mindful of the tile’s grout lines. Harsh cleaning products or aggressive cleaning practices have the potential to degrade the grout lines between the tiles.

Which tile wins in the durability department? Probably ceramic tile, to be honest. Because some ceramic tiles are glazed, they’re more resistant to scratching and general wear-and-tear. The strength and durability of natural stone tiles vary from stone to stone. A lot of natural stone tiles can have hidden fault lines, unfortunately, which makes them prone to cracking.

These pros and cons make ceramic tile seem like the winning option, but many people still opt for natural stone tiles. Though natural stone requires more care and maintenance, they provide an elegant and rustic look that cannot be matched by any other flooring option.